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Opening Chamber Music Fest - Lebanon composer Khaled Mouzanar !
And Food Planet 2019 in Novi Sad - Mexican food 1st day Monday !!

Known composer from Lebanon, Khaled Mouzanar, will open the Chamber Music Festival that is organized by the Novi Sad Woodwind Quintet on Monday 9/9/2019 T 20:21 at the Gallery of Matica Srpska, Trg Galerija 1, with his music composed for movies. Him and his wife Nadine Labaki are world famous artists. 

Food Planet 2019, organised by Color Media Communications, will open as well on Monday 9/9/2019. The first day will witness Food tasting at Trg Slobode in Novi Sad.

The plan for Monday is as follows:
> 16:00 - Gathering in Belgrade and departure to Novi Sad
> 17:30 - Arrival to Trg Slobode in Novi Sad
> 18:00 - Speech by the Ambassador of Mexico and Food tasting
> 19:30 - Departure to the Gallery of Matica Srpska, Trg Galerija 1
> 20:21 - Start of the concert
> 22:00 - Departure back to Belgrade

Please feel free to tell your friends about this and invite them to the Facebook event even if you cannot make it !

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